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For businesses who want to stand out as the only choice, Silver Penned develops captivating communications that’ll showcase your brand personality (and leave the robot to the ‘80s dancefloor).

Light ‘em Up With Content That’ll Get ‘em Clutching Hearts, Grinning Wide & Begging for MORE!

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The Big 5 Website Mistakes Small Businesses Make
(& How to Avoid Them!)

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Stand out as the only choice with the help of devilishly good communications from Silver Penned Writing Studio.

Because Every Business Deserves Access to Captivating Content & Communications.

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You need to bring your communications A-game, make sure your clients know and love you - AND maybe increase your profits, too.

Enter: Silver Penned Writing Studio.

We expertly craft clever, simple, compelling communications to get your clients clutching hearts, grinning wide & begging for more. 

Done-For-You Services

supercharge Your Brand Without Worrying About Your Words.

Let us help you feel fearless in the content jungle by making your messaging more memorable - no matter your niche.

Silver Penned enables you to leverage the power of story to build visibility, credibility and relationships with your ideal customers. Feel empowered to elevate your story, your words and your business the simple way. 

Silver Penned Writing Studio delivers a range of:
  • On-demand masterclasses and self-paced digital courses
  • Small-group & 1:1 executive coaching programs
  • Hackathons, content creation retreats & intensive sessions

Classes & Coaching

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  • Feeling guilty for not having the time, energy or skill-set to come up with the right words for your web page.
  • Thinking you’re doomed to be a little fish in a little pond - forever x infinity.
  • Pretending it’ll all magically sort itself out if you just ignore it for another day/week/month. (Or until a bucket of money is delivered to your doorstep on unicorn wings, to save the day and solve your woes…)
  • Being eternally disappointed in your lack of traction, despite your passion and commitment and desire to be a raging success.
  • Struggling with stress from not knowing what to prioritise next, or how to plan beyond Friday (and the Meat Lovers Pizza with extra chorizo that’s got your name all over it).
  • Managing your concerns that what’s-his-chops down the street is going to keep getting the lion’s share of business, leaving you with a nail-biting habit, insomnia and...not much else.

Instead, enjoy a bustling business that has you bouncing out of bed with a big grin and a seize-the-day mindset, before your first coffee. Greet your new clients with confidence, credibility and pride in the exceptional quality of service and expertise you provide. Look at your profit margins and do a little shimmy (maybe even a little jig), because YOU BUILT THIS! 

Feel completely delighted - in what you’ve envisioned and what you’ve achieved - for the first time in your life. 

And know that your brand is doing all this for you, on autopilot. Relax, knowing that even when you sleep, your brand won’t.

Things You Can STOP Doing: 

Relax, Knowing They Love Your Brand
& What You Do.

You don’t need to change your products or service delivery. 

You just have to revamp the words you use to communicate your messaging. 

You don’t have to be as word-savvy as you think, because that’s our job. 

Let Silver Penned tackle your communications challenges, so you can go back to doing what you do best (and leave the word-wrangling to us).

Take a load off, knowing your brand is going to make your clients clutch hearts, grin wide & beg your business for more! 

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We'll show you how to create a communications roadmap that will get you exactly where you want to go. 

AND we'll be with you to navigate every roadblock, to give you practical support and guidance, and to provide cheerleader-worthy encouragement each and every step of the way. 

With strictly limited availability in our intensive programs, apply today. 

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Ready to Level up your business?

Jackie bowman & carley nelson: co-founders of milestone fitlife

“Silver Penned completely transformed our ‘thrown together’ website into highly engaging content that shares the essence of our brand." 

Communications Specialist & Silver Penned Devil

Kate Ginnivan

I help businesses to embed clear communication strategies, so they can scale with clarity.

My specialties include how to build and maintain meaningful business relationships, how to develop powerful brand stories, and how to leverage growth with clear and consistent messaging.

Essentially, I’m an example of what’s possible for newly emerging business owners and startup founders.

Diving deep down the rabbit hole, I explore the pathways available - researching, experimenting and measuring successes and failures with equal interest - so that I can then teach my clients the structures that actually work.

Through a combination of simple frameworks, step-by-step strategies, and story-focused structures layered with clarity and a side-serve of humour, I lead with radical empathy as a communications advisor and coach.

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