Get ‘em Intrigued With Stellar Business Storytelling

Get ‘em Intrigued With Stellar Business Storytelling

Amplify your business with the incredible power of storytelling.

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the business storytelling masterclass


Telling your business story effectively is one of the most important things you can do to create a successful brand, but it's also one of the most difficult. 

If you struggle to tell your story in a way that engages your dream clients, it’s near impossible to compel them to take action. 

The truth is, powerful stories are the key to making a lasting impression. Stories are the difference between fumbling and blundering your way to the punchline and securing devoted, repeat clients (who rave about you to all their friends).

When you’re ready to embed powerful, memorable and captivating stories within your business, join The Business Storytelling Masterclass. 

Let me help you to transform your business into an utterly enchanting one.

Welcome to The Business Storytelling Masterclass.

Ready to make 'em remember you?


I’ll illustrate the do’s and don’ts of messaging so that you can stand waaaay out in front of your competition (without looking over your shoulder or worrying they’ll catch you).


I’ll unpack a super simple strategy so you can create memorable stories that matter. (Stories that don't “just” generate extra revenue but also form the foundations for your seriously successful business!)


I’ll explain why the stories you’re telling matter more than any product or service you’re offering. That way you can confidently share the right story with the right audience (without worrying you’ve lost the plot).


Study on demand

apply learning to your business

Get real world examples

create intriguing stories

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This      for you if:

You want to build visibility.

YOu're curious about how story can accelerate your business' growth. 

you're ready to craft captivating stories for your dream clients.


“I’m frustrated because I really want to grow my business,
and I’m sick of feeling tongue-tied whenever someone asks me about what it is I actually do.” 

“I’m just not confident in my storytelling abilities. I don’t know if I’m making any sense, or if what I’m saying is relevant, let alone interesting!”

“I learn best with examples. I need to know the difference between the do’s and don’ts so I’m confident about what to include
(and what to avoid) in my own writing.”

take the class

take the class

I hear you - because I was you. I know how hard it is to connect when you can’t clearly explain the merit of the business you’ve built and love with all your heart (sometimes more than you love anything else!). But you have options. The Business Storytelling Masterclass is a powerful starting point if you’re ready to start sharing your own story of transformation in a way that clearly and memorably articulates your value, and the challenges you solve through your products and services.

Crafting unforgettable stories that speak directly to your ideal customers will take your business to new heights. The Masterclass supports you to do this through fun, engaging and inspiring examples. You’ll get access to simple frameworks so you can begin to confidently map foundational stories your customers will want to tell their friends about.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: storytelling is a science. If you can access the formulas, the strategies and the frameworks that work, you have the opportunity to convey irresistible stories of transformation with clarity, consistency and serious storytelling prowess. The Masterclass will help you articulate the key messages and mission of your business, through the most memorable method in history: STORY!

I'm Kate:
Your best storytelling sidekick!

I let the world influence my narrative for years before finally choosing to write my story on my own terms. In this Masterclass, I hope to help you start thinking about the powerful stories you can embed in your business so you can craft the brand you not only want, but deserve! 

As a lifelong lover of language, I have over 20 years experience in teaching storytelling strategies to teens, teachers, adult learners and business owners, just like you. 

Nothing lights me up quite like helping people to use stories to capture the hearts of their intended audiences. And running a successful company that specializes in communications has taught me A LOT about how to build a business and a life founded on meaningful connections.

My mission is to open your eyes to what’s possible. You have limitless opportunities when you can distill your experiences into powerful tales of challenge, courage, change and incredible transformation.  

If you’re ready to explore what storytelling for business could look like for you, don’t wait another minute! 
Can’t wait to see how your story unfolds, 

All my best, 

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